Polanica Zdrój

Tomik Café

Space of relaxation, flavors, and music

Designed with a true taste, Tomik Café is a place for relaxation and unhurried conversations. Friendly, cozy interiors, delicious desserts and a wide range of beverages from different corners of the world make Café Tomik a perfect spot for an afternoon meeting with friends.

Relax with a coffee

The specialty of Café Tomik is the excellent, aromatic, freshly brewed coffee, prepared with particular care characteristic of the best baristas. Top-class coffee brands, excellent equipment, and talent from the bass players make the coffee cup an attraction every single day of your stay.

We are open to guests every day:

800 - 2200

Delights of the palate

Tomik Café does not only offer excellent coffee but, perhaps above all, a delicious dessert menu. Excellent cakes and desserts are characterized by a unique lightness on the one hand, which makes them cost no remorse, on the other - a tempting composition of flavors and aromas.

Balsam for
the soul

A moment of relaxation with coffee and dessert at Café Tomik is perfectly highlighted by refined beverages served in the bar: the best wines, cognacs or whiskeys. However, music is a real balm for the soul - swing and jazz standards from such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Sammy Davies are flowing from the speakers.

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