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Goose on Saint Martin’s Day – Tenth Slow Food event

09 of November 2018

Where did the idea of having goose dishes at the beginning of November come from?

Goose on Saint Martin’s Day – Tenth Slow Food event

According to the legend, it was geese which pointed out to the inhabitants of the Hungarian town of Tours, the place of the former Roman legionnaire Martin, who, as a clergyman, was a bit reluctant to take over the Diocese of Tours. Taken aback, he hid in front of the faithful in the barn. The geese enclosed there revealed to the inhabitants the place of their bishop's concealment with their croaking. So much from the legend – at the beginning of November, geese are the most abundant and the tastiest. Therefore, first in France, Scandinavia, Germany and finally in Poland in the 16th century, people began to grow geese and eat goose meat.

This year's campaign "Goose on the Saint Martin’s Day" is already the tenth, Slow Food event in the best restaurants in Poland. On this occasion, our Chef Janusz Myjak has prepared unique dishes with goose meat as the main ingredient, which you will find in the menu of the Szósty Zmysł Restaurant. You are welcome and we wish you bon appetite!

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