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Take care of your face in the fall

11 of November 2019

When the sunny days are over we recommend treatments at Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institute: RICH PEPTIDE LIFTING. Intense rejuvenating and lifting treatment – skin care treatment for the face.

Take care of your face in the fall

RICH PEPTIDE LIFTING is a unique broad-spectrum rejuvenating and lifting treatment.

The 3-ACID PEELING GEL applied at this stage contains a complex of three acids: mandelic acid, lactobionic acid and succinic acid. The peel effectively exfoliates the stratum corneum, preparing the skin for the next steps in the treatment so that the products applied later on can penetrate deeper. It also gives an instant smoothing effect, boosts hydration and evens out the skin tone. Active peptides work in synergy to stimulate restoration of the dermal collagen network. They activate natural DNA repair mechanisms, rejuvenating skin cells and protecting them from oxidative stress. The rejuvenating effects of the peptides are boosted even more by vitamin C and hydrating plant extracts.

The treatment is followed with a Dr Irena Eris Signature Massage. It combines the classical massage techniques with elements of lymphatic drainage and the stimulation of energy points. The treatment concludes with the application of the PEARL & GOLD mask, which contains micronized pearl powder and 24k gold. The mask lifts and smoothens out the skin, improves skin colour and promotes absorption of other products applied under the mask.

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