DEHA is a young but already popular Italian brand which has a great group of fans. Its collections are made not only for women who love dance and fitness but also for those who like to relax in SPA and wellness resorts or they simply want to add a bit of craze into their every day outfit.

Femininity is inseparably connected with the name DEHA because in sanskrit DEHA means “body and soul”. The brand represents a unique and sophisticated taste of women who look for freedom and energy in fashion. Thanks to diverse layers, bold contrasts and cuts DEHA clothes accentuate women’s body shapes and sensuality. DEHA is an explosion of colours, glamour finishings and the best fabrics which guarantee comfort and freedom of movement. All this is completed by eye-catching accessories such as bags, scarves, caps and hats.

DEHA’s designers were able to find a harmony between fashion and sport. Impressive fashion shows, beautiful models and a unique atmosphere. Is any other collection able to express such intense emotions?

Deha collection is available both in our S’portofino shop at the ground floor near Café Tomik and online at www.sportofino.com.

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